Winter shenanigans

Getting frost bite is never a concern when you're having this much winter fun.


Tron Legacy

Daft Punk, light cycles and neon... What's not to love!


Assault on Jedha

Epic explosions of sparks, smoke and fun on a very, very small scale.


Starkiller forest

No bigfoot in these parts, only a couple of kids with some pyrotechnics.


Fun at the dunes

These are the dunes you're looking for, metaphorically speaking.


Apollo 11 

This is set two missions before the Tom Hanks version.


Evening in Jakku

The rhythm of the night with a dash of the heat of the night is an accurate description.


Adventures at Bonnaroo

The courage of men are tested daily here and so is accuracy filling out your damage liability form.


Just beachy

It's not Muscle Beach but it's pretty darn close.


Martian vacation

When you ask Siri to plan your summer vacation, this can happen.


Salt flat racers

Hot rods and bounty hunters... What could possibly go wrong?


Up in the air

Whoever said flying is safer than driving has never flown with these hooligans.


Monster bayou

Monsters and people in the same bayou... This can't possibly end well.


Classic space missions

The manned missions to the moon could have been so easily faked.


Master Ren

Kylo has a slight anger management problem that he needs to address.


So many minifigs

There are just so many.


The black album

I think this one is pretty self explanatory.


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