Hue Hughes

How It Started

I begin taking my very first toy photographs in the winter of 2017. It all started when I purchased a dslr and macro lens and began shooting my sons diverse collection of toy cars, robots, space ships and superheroes. It was only a short time later I found a unique connection with Lego®. Its simplistic design, scale, detail and bright color palette of this toy lent itself very well to toy photography. So well in fact, I bought a few more lens and enough Lego® sets to start a small toy store and never looked back.


A Toys Story

Every great story has a beginning, middle and end. This same philosophy also holds true for a great photograph. The image must tell a compelling story that catches the views attention and resonates some form of a response; a memory, feeling of excitement, love, fear, joy or just a simple thought from your childhood. Every image of mine is a window into another world and it’s that window we gaze upon to find a great toy story. 


Hand Crafted

Whether it’s throwing baking powder to simulate a winter blizzard on a mountainside or a lit fire cracker that showers a scene with sparks to mimic an explosion, I like creating all of my effects in camera and practically. I build my own sets and create my own effects by hand using common household materials and old filmmaking techniques. This style of artisan photography adds an element of realism, personality and craftsmanship to a photo which forms a tighter bond between the viewer and the image.